Meeeeee! Friday, May 30 2008 

There is so many things that i want to buy, but no money. ooops. okay. let me list them out.

1) bags
2) clothes
3) shoes/ slippers/ heels
4) new handphone
5) braces
6) puppy
7) slim camera
8 ) accessories
9) change of hair colour
10) new specs

Just so simply, i named ten. I think it’s time for me to control before i get materialistic. =X

Let me see,
-i have never got enough of bags, clothes, shoes/slippers/heels and accessories.
-As for hair colour and new specs, i like to change over a few months. I’ll get bored over the same hair colour, unless it’s like really niceeeee. haha. 
-For braces, dad used to encourage me to put when i’m much younger, but scare of pain so delayed. And now, when i wanted it so much, dad says next time. awww.
-Slim camera! Wanted it quite some time ago. So that i can take photos with my friends anytime, anywhere, anyhow!!
-Since very very young, i always wanted a puppy. But parents say no one will take care of it so never allow. But yea, i wanna get one before 21! 😀

NOW, let me list out the things i wanna do.

1) Get enough sleep and get rid of that ugly eye bags and pimples.
2) Sun-tanning
3) Slim down and toned up
4) dance dance dance! practice!
5) finishing reading “SexyGirls”
6) start on my dictionary
7) meet ups & hangouts with my peeps! (my girls, 4e4, kelly&gang, cell etc) miss them so much!  
8) go on a holiday

So now, a little explanation.
-i’ve never had eye bags before. But now, it’s slowly showing due to these three weeks of work and lack of sleep. sadded. so yea, i’m going to get rid of it. && pimples too! 
-Real long since i last go tanning, it’s time to get some vitamins under the sun! 😀 happiness!
– Seriously tired of the FATS! argh. i wanna have a niceeee body! hahahaha. wonder when will i ever get serious about slimming down. haha.
– Feel like dancing everyday! ohwells, wanna practice whatever i learnt in O school and NRA. Practice makes perfect! (: never give up! dance is loveeee!
– SexyGirls. borrow from Sister Diana. it’s time to return already. It is a nice book for GIRLS. check it out, girls! (: 
– Bought a english dictionary before school starts. Initially wanna brush up on my english, but the dictionary is left at a corner to rot! =X
– I’m seriously missing my people a lot. the different cliques which brought me laughters and joy! MEET-UPS sooon! misses them lots. nevertheless, i’ve had fun with my girls in poly too! Felicia, Jocelyn, Hannah and Doreen! they’re loved! 😀 
– it has really been longggg since i last went on a holiday. like sec 2? Although i never like to go overseas, because i’ll miss my friends in Singapore, but now, i’m kinda missing the fun of going overseas for holiday. I wanna go New York, Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc! Mummy, when when?! 

okay, actually i didn’t realize there’s so many things i want to have and want to do until i listed them out. LOL. CONTROL! haha. i don’t wanna fall into materialism. 

ANYWAY, money won’t just fall, time won’t just stop for me. (:


blue-blacks week! Wednesday, May 21 2008 

It has been a tough week, full of assignments and such. But now, almost everything cleared. i feel goooooood~ Feel like a heavy load is lifted off my shoulder! wooohooo~

anyway, i guess i have been pretty clumsy this week. limbs are filled with blue blacks. hahaha! 
let you see.

i got this at school complex! it takes 2 seconds to feel the pain. HAHA!
this blue black is obtained, when i’m talking with Calista happily and i fell of the chair. ooops!

to be frank, i don’t know how this blue black come about. HAHA.

I went to Botak Jones with evangeline for dinner. And i found something interesting.
here is it. take a look!

n case it’s too small to be seen…

1) FINE: this is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

2) FIVE MINUTES: if she is getting dressed, this means half an hour. “FIve Minutes” is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

3) NOTHING: this is the calm before the storm. this means something and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with “Nothing” usually end in “Fine”. (Refer back to #1 for the meaning of “fine”.)

4) GO AHEAD: this is a dare, not permission. Don’t do it!

5) LOUD SIGH: this is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about “nothing” (refer back to #3 for the meaning of “nothing”)

6) THAT’S OKAY: this is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. “That’s okay” means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

7) THANKS: a woman is thanking you — do not question, or faint. Just say you’re welcome.

8 ) IF YOU SAY SO: men, take note: this is a trick. this is THE statement that means the opposite of what it says. when a woman says, “if you say so,” she actually means, “you’re an idiot; i can’t believe i every married you, and you better realize how lucky you are every day of your miserable life.” She will then isue forth a loud sigh(see #5), and assign you a task worthy of your limited intelligence(although you will NOT be given the “five minutes” as discussed in #2)

9) WHATEVER: it’s a woman’s way of saying F@!K YOU!

10) DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT, I GOT IT: another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do it several times, but is now doing it herself. this will later result in a man asking “what’s wrong”, for the woman’s; response to be “nothing” (refer to #3 for the meaning of “nothing”.)

interesting, isn’t it? haha. i strongly agreed with some, but not all! 

anyway, though assignments are cleared, new ones are coming in. ohwells, it’s still better than idling around each day! 😀 i love the satisfaction each time i completed my work. YAY! 

& Holidays are approaching! 😀

DANCE! <3 Wednesday, May 14 2008 

What if one day I’m not allowed to dance anymore? I think I will just go crazy. I can’t live without dance! Dance is my life, my love!

Dance has been my passion since 4 years back, i suppose. I don’t deny that I’m NOT a talented dancer, but still, there is an unfailing passion for it! Anywhere, anyway, anyhow, anytime I’ll just randomly feel like dancing my soul out! 😀

So, a good news. I’ve gotten into NRA Hip Hop in Ngee Ann. It is definitely a good news for me! Even before i come into Ngee Ann, i already wanted to get into this CCA. So yeaps, Felicia got in too! YAYNESS! 😀

Anyway, I had just completed a Hip Hop 2 course at O School! Here’s the evidence:

okay, it means a lot to me, alright? I think I’m going to laminate this and keep it! Oh, and i just went to register for Hip Hop 3 and Reggae 1 in O School today! HAPPINESS! 

If you ask why am i so crazy about dance, seriously I don’t know how to answer. You know, it’s just the fire within burning for dance. Whenever I’m sad or happy, I love to use dance to express out all that I’m feeling. Perhaps sometimes I just feel words aren’t enough.

I am inspired to be a professional dancer, an all-rounder dancer. And each time when any music plays, I will be able to groove with the music. How awesome is that, baby! I wanna learn all kinds of different dances in O School. But well, I don’t know if i can. But it’s okay, I’ll try! 😀

Though I never ever have the confidence that I’m able to dance really well, I won’t give up. I bet if I give up this unfailing passion of mine just because of obstacles, I’ll definitely regret it! If it’s really a passion, what can cause me to let go of it? It will be something that drives me on to persevere!

I’m glad to declare that about half of my poly life I will be dancing! wooohoooo~
Dance is love, dance is the air i breathe!
Friends said it’s so unlike me to dress like that. HAHA! ohwells. 

Lost and Found! Friday, May 9 2008 

I had a hard time thinking of what to post. But now, there’s one thing that I am sure I must post. A memorable and wonderful day!

It’s one of my secondary school friend, ChengYong’s birthday. Initially, I was so reluctant to go because it had been some time since I last met with the whole group and I thought I would feel out of place. But in the end, I still chose to go after much persuasion from friends. However, in my mind I expected all of us to go in separate ways in the end, just like the last gathering. But but but, things turned out otherwise! HOORAY! Ohya, we went Marina, Esplanade.

First, I met with Jonathan, Adrian, Edward and Calista to buy birthday cakes (one for eating, one for smashing! Haha!).
     the smashed cake.

 When the birthday boy came with the others, we headed to Singapore River. That’s where the exciting part came. We took out the real cake, asked him to make a wish, and I, being the bad guy, smashed the doreamon cake on him from behind! Now i realise it’s so fun smashing cake on people. Of course, he didn’t let me off. But well, I was so much cleaner because I only got a bit of cream here and there. We went Carls Jr for dinner. Some of the peeps had to leave after dinner. And this was when I started to get very emotional. It’s when I saw them,  I realized I actually missed them THIS much. When some of them left, my tears actually dropped (only Calista saw this).

The remaining of us, Diona, Calista, Nicole and me, we went to the roof terrace to chilled and catch up. I was telling the girls how much I love today, how much I don’t wish for it to end. And tears started welling up again. Not long after, ChengYong and Jonathan joined us again. Slacked around for a little while more, the two guys with Nicole headed home. Diona, Calista and me went home about half an hour later.

  the whole group! ❤
  Nicole and me! ❤
 Calista, Nicole and me! ❤ 

Words can’t express how much I actually love today. The crapiness, joy, fun and laughter I missed them so much. I thought I would lose them forever, but I found them once again today! LOST AND FOUND! I miss today so much, but I hate the feeling of missing it. It hurts! But still, thanks to the 4e4 peeps to make today such a wonderful and memorable one for me! I hope the birthday boy enjoyed himself! 😀

I hate saying goodbye today…

Is this called a library? Wednesday, Apr 30 2008 

Alright, a few days back I was out with a friend to do work. Initially we wanted to settle at Mcdonalds, but it was too packed, so we decided to move to the library instead. As usual, it was a weekend, so naturally a lot of people would visit the library. It was also during the Mid-year examinations period for the secondary school students. 

We went all the way up to the last floor. And to my surprise, it was freaking noisy. Music blasted the whole level. Got to know that there was a rock band jamming only when I stepped in to check it out.I am like ” what the hell?! ” And the problem is, a lot of students were there with their work! I seriously wonder how they concentrate man, when the music is like so LOUD! And at that moment, I started to doubt if that is a library. 

Throughout my studying years, I always thought I couldn’t study at home. Thinking I can only study best in library, because it is conducive and quiet. But each time I go, there’s bound to be a lot of distractions. People talking loudly, laughing and all sorts of things. And in the end, I can’t even get a work done. Ineffective! =( 

Everyone’s, or rather most of our impression of a library is usually quiet, peaceful, conducive, cooling, and is definitely a good place to study or do work. But what I saw and experienced that day was totally HORRIBLE. I wouldn’t call it a library, definitely.

And ended up, we did our work at Starbucks Cafe.

Discouragements Tuesday, Apr 22 2008 

Discouragement. I suppose it’s a very common word in everyone’s lives. People are discouraged when their very own expectations are not met. People get discouraged when they can’t do things right, or learn fast enough. People get discouraged, be it small or major happenings.

Like for me, taking a very real life example. i’ve had my hip hop lesson on monday. In fact, every monday. And i’m like totally stressed up and discouraged! I missed two hip hop lessons, and i am trying to catch up every bits that i missed out. But i just can’t seem to do it well. One thing is because i’m totally in love with dance and i expect myself to “perfect” it, that’s why. I can’t catch up with the music, can’t do the steps nicely and correctly, can’t remember the routine. oh man, this is bad, isn’t it?

I am always inspired to be someone who can move along to the music, just like a snap of a finger. Just that easy. Whenever i dance, i want to be someone whom will be able to capture the souls and attentions of the others. Just like what my dance teacher said,
body; mind; soul – use your body to dance, your mind to understand and capture the souls of the audiences.
Yes, that’s the very goal i’m working towards. oh wells. 

Enough of myself. Basically, discouragement is a dreaded disease, because it is universal, recurring and highly contagious. There are four causes of discouragements. Firstly, it is fatigue. When things keep failing, one become tired of it and that is fatigue. It is always halfway through a project or journey when people feel discouraged.

Secondly, frustration. For example, whenever we do a project, “waste” will start to accumulate. This “waste” as mentioned is trivial matters that distract us, which consumes our energy. We’ve gotta focus on the main things! Thirdly, none other than failures. Often, we are reminded of our past failures which bring upon discouragements. Just because we once failed, we don’t dare to try again. That leads to the fourth point, fear. We’re afraid of failing once more and hence, we tend to have this intense desire to run away. The difference between winners and losers is that winners always see failures as temporary setbacks. What about you? (: 

Upon facing discouragements, of course, you can’t just sit back and do nothing, recognize and acknowledge them! Whenever we’re discouraged, we shouldn’t just give up on our goals. But try a new way. When it’s not working, it’s not that we’re doing the wrong things, but we’re doing the right things in a wrong way

Don’t give in to discouragements, but resist it! We should not quit in times of discouragements, but deal with it. That’s the way, isn’t it?


Most of our obstacles would melt away if, instead of cowering before them, we should make up our minds to walk boldly through them.     
Orison Swett Marden
Life’s up and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals. Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want.
Marsha Sinetar 
Life is never total darkness. (: